What is Collaborative Law?

The collaborative process is an alternative dispute resolution process where you and your spouse take an active role in shaping the terms of your settlement. With me as your guide, we work to reach an agreement that reflects you and your family's unique needs and interests. If needed, allied professionals that are experts in family relations and financial issues are available to support the process as neutrals serving both parties.

Another unique aspect of the collaborative process is that all parties sign an agreement at the start of the case that commits them to specific rules/expectations. The agreement includes expectations for mutual respect, transparency, and everyone's commitment to reaching a resolution.

Under the “traditional” litigation model, married couples sue each other (publicly) in court to end the marriage. Unfortunately, this model is often more contentious, the outcome is more uncertain - you're giving a judge the power to decide your future instead of you making these important decisions yourself - and this style of litigation is typically more expensive as well.

A collaborative divorce provides couples with the opportunity to resolve their differences in a positive fashion. This is accomplished through teamwork between all parties - the goal is to find the solution that works best for everyone.

If you would like more information about Collaborative Law, please check out the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and Collaborative Practice California.