What I Do

Family Law

I practice traditional and collaborative family law, helping people through separations, custody resolutions and dividing assets and obligations. The collaborative method applies to all these legal proceedings and is a resolution oriented approach.


As a mediator, I assist clients with or without attorneys who are looking to resolve their differences without going to court. I act as a facilitator and we work to find agreeable terms through reasonable and respectful discourse.


The collaborative process is a respectful, empowering, and positive (yes, divorce can be all of these!) alternative to court. In this model, the lawyers assist the parties in finding the best possible solution. It truly is family law at it's finest - putting the emphasis back on family and solving the problems. Learn more.

Meet Scott

G. Scott Gaustad, J.D.

G. Scott Gaustad, J.D.

Family Law Attorney

Scott has practiced family law in Mendocino County for just shy of four decades. He is considered by both his clients and peers to be one of the top family law attorneys in the county. His concern is always what is best for his clients, their children and their futures. This personal investment is demonstrated by his commitment to Collaborative Law, seeking to resolve differences as opposed to letting a stranger (judge) make important decisions regarding another person’s life. Scott works with clients from all corners of Mendocino County, with offices in Ukiah and Fort Bragg. Contact him today to set up an appointment.